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Davis & Garratt Insurance is a full-service agency that insures not only liability, autos, homes, businesses, and business property, but also the most important things in life such as financial independence from a breadwinner’s death or business continuation after a business owner or key employee’s death. 


None of us want to think about what happens if a business owner or breadwinner passes away, but without proper planning – a death can not only be detrimental to our emotional well-being, but also can be devastating to those left to live. 


What will happen to those that you leave to live – on the personal life insurance side, will there be enough money to pay the mortgage, childcare, or send the kids to college?  On the business life insurance side, who will run the business if the owner passes away – does the owner generate most of the income?  What happens to the family, the employees, partners, etc?  You may not ever file a claim on your home, commercial liability policy, or auto, there is no way around not filing a claim on your life insurance policy.

Let’s make sure you have a life insurance plan in place for your business and family – don’t hope so, know so.  At Davis and Garratt Insurance Group, we have several term and permanent life insurance policies through various carriers to ensure we find the right life product for your family and business.  Let’s make sure you are properly protected and your business and family only deal with emotional stress from a death – let’s not add monetary stress as well. 


Davis & Garratt Insurance Group can help commercial and personal lines clients with the following life insurance policies:

  • Term Life Insurance (10, 20, & 30 year)

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Life Insurance

  • Key Employee or Key Person Life Insurance


Call us at 479-571-3500 today to get a free life quote, to build a plan for the future, or to schedule a life insurance review to make sure you are properly covered. 

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