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At Davis and Garratt Insurance, our business owners and commercial clients are always looking for ways to retain talent and increase employee loyalty.  Retaining employees can decrease costs for the employer, increase employee satisfaction, and increase productivity.  We are able to offer our commercial clients several employee benefits options to help them retain their employees including setting up a retirement plan.  We can also help employers protect the employee and their families against unexpected events that cause the employee to be out of work or help cover health insurance deductibles.   Some products are employer paid and others are employee paid – which can be set up to meet the needs of the business and its employees.


Davis & Garratt Insurance Group can help business owners with retirement plans, supplemental policies, life policies, and disability policies for any size business. 

Here are the employee benefits products that we offer:

  • Supplemental Coverage

  • Accidental Death

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long Term Disability

  • Retirement Plans

  • Supplemental Policies or Employee Benefits

  • Accident Insurance

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Hospital Policy


Call us at 479-571-3500 to see how we can help your business retain talent and increase productivity by providing employee benefits to your employees. 

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